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Hello, my name is David Kam. 


My birth name is 甘家伟, phonetically gan j-yah way. These characters can mean many things, but what they presently mean to me is the ‘willingness to achieve the extraordinary together’. 


Growing up in Malaysia has gifted me with a pretty kaleidoscopic view of the world which I enjoy living between the lines, frequently across cultures and continents, drawn towards bridging languages and managing creatively tangled webs of experiences.


I’ve been a creative wanderer for as long as I can remember. Never one to follow lineages as I like to carve my own. My curiosity, as the compass guiding me through.


Many times movement has found its way to me and became something I’ve continued to study in the last 15 years. Yoga was a part of this exploration.

After several encounters with yoga, mostly joining classes with my mum, I eventually stumbled upon the Rocket practice which instilled in me a sense of play.

What I treasure to this day as the basis in celebrating curiosity through movement.


The body is our primal medium of expression.

It’s my passion to invite people to get back into their bodies to remember how to play and celebrate their unique expression.


So here I am on a mission to get the world 

moving curiously, less seriously.



Here's a film of my thoughts on all things movement, community and what yoga means to me. If this resonates with you...



From very early on, I had a vivid image of the experience I wish to bring to life...


People with heart and laughter

gathered as a community without hierarchy

liberated from the seeking of answers, yet

empowered by the freedom to question.


Going to deep places of the mind

by practising moment to moment presence,

honouring their unique interpretations

in sacred rhythm and desired scales of expression.


Celebrating each other as mirrors of inspiration.

when treading the poetics of the in-between,

moving lightly beyond confines of the mat

into a greater, kinder everyday.

This is the experience I strive to offer. 

I’ve been a creative wanderer for as long as I can remember.



I am the founder of kindredpacket, a grassroots movement uplifting East and South East Asian (ESEA) communities through storytelling, culturally sensitive practices and collective care.

I currently sit on the board of WE CREATE SPACE, a global platform advocating wellness for queer leaders as well as being a core member of the British East and South East Asian Network (besea.n).

I am also a proud lululemon ambassador.

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