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I spent the last day of 2023 honing in on how I'd like to feel in the new year.

This moodboard is a collection of visuals I was drawn to in the passing. As the year of the Wood Dragon is soon approaching, I'm sharing some contemplation upon these images :

  1. Read slower. Stay on the page a little longer.

  2. Honour tea as portal.

  3. Take smaller steps.

  4. Question up close, what you were told to never question.

  5. Schedule more life into your day. Practise consistency.

  6. The creative eye before the critical eye.

  7. Youth is a state of mind.

  8. Practise gratitude often to those who helped you along the way.

  9. Home is the most sacred place to return to.

  10. Wear the damn thing.

  11. P(l)ay attention.

  12. Take space. Hold silence.

  13. Notice. Nature is near. Nature is accessible. Nature is everywhere.

  14. Lean into the collective. You cannot do it all.

  15. Stop curating. Start creating.

  16. Maintain your anchor while moving with others.

  17. Do the imagining. Don't be the idea.

  18. Share always. What might be mundane to you, others can find inspiration in.

  19. Gather with intention. Say no otherwise.

  20. Stay with a story. Revisit it. Let the possibility of a different experience arising.

Were there any you resonated with? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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