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We all possess a unique thumbprint

just like the strands of our DNA

and the trails we leave behind

as we navigate through life.

When you choose a private bespoke session,

I will work one-to-one with you via Zoom

providing a sacred brave space within which

you have the wild, wonderful permission to

explore the turning points in your journey.

Together we will devise practical, powerful tools

to awaken your visceral desires and

manifest your creative visions, or simply

returning to the Alignment you've always known.

Amplify the playful, powerful YOU.

sessions can be in English/Mandarin/Cantonese

"David gave me the confidence to 

follow my own feelings."

- Tess Bickerstaff


Areas we can explore :

  • Creative recovery or rediscovery

  • Incorporating play in practice and lifestyle

  • Rewiring movement habits or thought patterns

  • Realigning with your vision, your Truth

  • Structuring a blueprint to action your special venture

  • Finding your voice

  • Mapping or rewriting narratives of self

  • Dissecting masculinity, queerness and racism 

  • Navigating the wellness industry

Here is what you will receive : 

  • My full attention and confidentiality

  • Mindfulness and movement tools from years of researching wellbeing, creativity and performance

  • My embodied experiences as a fellow human, queer, Asian, artist, teacher, brothxr and son

  • Tangible, time-sensitive calls to action beyond our session to follow up on

  • Opportunities for any questions you have 

  • Relevant resources to support your work



Every session is highly bespoke and collaborative, developed to be inspirational in nature through present and open-ended guidance specific to your needs.

You have full control of your pace in sacred rhythm.

Together we will identify the cardinal points of your journey and devise a clear course of action to help you navigate onwards with confidence. 

I also offer general mentoring support for teachers/creatives and movement audits for both recreational and professional movers pursuing health or performance aspirations.  

sessions can be in English/Mandarin/Cantonese

"David is an artist and a teacher in the true sense. He encourages playfully and with confidence. He inspires."

- Vee Mateus

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