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What moves you?

Moving as knowing.
Movement as expression.

Movement and practices of connection towards an embodied understanding and the collective experiencing of home and belonging.


I hope you enjoy this virtual home of mine as a mindful experience to wander through the thousand windows to… 

Move with Me

David's classes are unlike anything else I've ever tried and I would highly recommend them. He creates a unique environment with play at its core. It is an incredibly fun and liberating class and enables you to spend a moment in time completely free from whatever issues you are facing in the outside world. I've always left his class feeling happier, calmer, full of joy and ready for the day.

Benjamin Ryder

  • 05 Aug 2024, 09:30 – 09 Aug 2024, 18:30
    Hampstead Heath (LDN), London, UK
    35 hours of movement training and theory in the beautiful sprawling outdoor setting of Hampstead Heath in London.
  • 24 Aug 2024, 15:00 – 25 Aug 2024, 17:00
    帶著建築與舞蹈領域的成長背景,國際動作藝術家David Kam將這次線上週末研習,化為一場超越技巧與正位的動作饗宴,以動作演繹真實的自由和純粹的感知。課程將傳統瑜珈體位法切入,開啟對身體的覺知;藉由流動且多軸向的動作序列,發掘身體內的新空間、新通道以及對於本體的新覺知。歡迎任何練習者,帶著好奇心加入這場動作饗宴。
  • 02 Oct 2025, 10:00 – 06 Oct 2025, 17:00
    Norway, Norway
    Experience a weekend of peace amongst an amazing landscape with great mountains, vast valleys, deep fjords, and historical Norwegian farmland. Combine twice daily yoga and delicious Norwegian meals with invigorating hikes to breathtaking peaks and spectacular viewpoints.

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Words that often surface in people's experiences of my offerings, when moving with me.

I help others find home in their bodies through movement and embodied practices of connection from the lens of joy, wonder and liberation. My curiosity lies in how movement is the very expression of party and protest. How we can understand ourselves through movement so we understand what it means to move together… towards collective action, meaningful exchange and transgenerational healing.

My name is David Kam

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