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As if a very soft yet strong dance, almost had forgotten how it feels to move like this.


David Kam facilitating away day

His ever flowing enthusiasm and egoless facilitation of any event – be it yoga, meditation, or anything that sparks his interest – is inspiring and infectious. He ignites the student in all of us.

Justine A

Group meditation at David Kam's workshop

As a classically trained ex-ballet dancer, his class was a revelation. Movement is life, and that's exactly what David's classes do: they bring you to life and reconnect you to yourself.

Eleonore Pratoussy

A chance to discover and rediscover play. An exciting challenge, a dare, a way to awaken your mind to be more in tune with your body. An awakening of the soul and a moment to experience being a kid again.

Adriana Garcia

David Kam teaching yoga for men

I would trust David to bring an inclusive perspective to every project, always quick to recognise the voices not at the table. He is a true joy to work with, bringing passion and positivity everywhere he goes. 

Rebecca Gayle-Phipps

Happy yogi in pistol squat at David Kam's workshop

David's classes are unlike anything else I've ever tried and I would highly recommend them. He creates a unique environment with play at its core. It is an incredibly fun and liberating class and enables you to spend a moment in time completely free from whatever issues you are facing in the outside world. I've always left his class feeling happier, calmer, full of joy and ready for the day.

Benjamin Ryder

When I think of David I think of the wand that one needs to blow bubbles. I know this because he has the rare ability to take an idea and not only give it form but bless it with beauty. His natural gift to shape concepts and funnel energy into something tangible – like a beautifully crafted event that he facilitates as natural to him as breathing –  is completely unique to him. Having worked with many artists, entrepreneurs, and activists, I can confirm that David is the synthesised embodiment of all three. In his blood there is artistry, in his mind there is execution and in his intention there is change. David is the wand, we all need to blow bubbles.

Justine Anweiler

David Kam embracing student

I've always wanted to dance but have lacked the confidence and been told I have the wrong body type. David's classes made me realise that yoga can be a space for me to dance in that I never knew about!

Talia C

David Kam assisting student in a stretch

David always invites us to smile and share our gaze together. In that moment there’s such a sense of deep, unspoken community, a love and a joy, a wonderful secret.

Helen Belben

I highly recommend David's classes for his unique, insightful and fun perspective on movement across disciplines.

Eimear Kelly



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