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When you choose to engage with me one-to-one, we will work collaboratively to design a bespoke session addressing your specific needs as a mover, a creative and/or a facilitator, whether recreational, professional or anywhere in between. Particularly relevant if you are feeling in need of a fresh perspective, empathetic witnessing or a nudge of direction towards greater expansion.

Through present and open-ended guidance, I hope to provide a brave space within which you have the wild permission to explore the turning points in your journey.

1:1 Sessions

Invest in Yourself

An opportunity to deeply pursue a personal enquiry.

  • My full attention and confidentiality

  • Mindfulness and movement tools from years of researching wellbeing, creativity and performance

  • My embodied experiences as a cis-queer, Southeast Asian creative, mover, teacher, brothxr and son

  • Tangible, time-sensitive calls to action beyond our session to follow up on

  • Relevant resources to support your work

I will bring to every session

David Kam with Charlie Dark
David Kam assisting student in Warrior 2

These private sessions can look like but not limited to:

Movement Audits

  • Pursuing a specific movement inquiry 

  • Developing your own movement practice

  • Strength, mobility and confidence building

  • Postural analysis and rewiring of movement habits

  • Refining your specific technique and individual alignment

​For movers with health or performance aspirations.

I would trust David to bring an inclusive perspective to every project, always quick to recognise the voices not at the table. He is a true joy to work with, bringing passion and positivity everywhere he goes. 

Rebecca Gayle-Phipps

High fives
David Kam dancing with student

I've always wanted to dance but have lacked the confidence and been told I have the wrong body type. David's classes made me realise that yoga can be a space for me to dance in that I never knew about!

Talia C

David Kam assisting student in yoga stretch

David always invites us to smile and share our gaze together. In that moment there’s such a sense of deep, unspoken community, a love and a joy, a wonderful secret.

Helen Belben


Movement Audits

Moving by the yoga mat

Mirror Sessions

David Kam exploring side plank

Artist Dates

David Kam before a forward fold

Sessions are hourly, either in person (London only) or online. An initial call will be set up upon request to discuss details and co-design a bespoke way forward. I am also open to accommodate group mentoring sessions if you’re pursuing a similar inquiry with your peer. 


Beyond the initial call, I will suggest a sliding scale that reflects the nature of our work together. To encourage self-accountability, I ask for you to decide on an amount you’d like to invest for the session, one that is both significant to you and financially viable.

What to expect

Mirror Sessions

  • Post-teacher training support and networking 

  • Pursuing a specific pedagogical enquiry

  • Navigating the logistics of teaching and the wellness industry

  • DEI consultation specific to teaching practices

  • Exploring practices of safety, integrity and longevity

For facilitators, space holders in need of holding and empathetic witnessing.

Artist Dates

  • Exploring movement as creative expression

  • Developing and sustaining a creative practice

  • Sense check on a specific creative vision   

  • Purpose and vision mapping

  • Engaging in inter/transdisciplinary discourse

For creatives looking for inspiration or transdisciplinary exchange.

1:1 Sessions

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