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David Kam facilitating a talk at Google

Thank you for engaging with my work.


In gratitude to your ongoing support, I am committed to relay abundance back into the wider community by donating 5% of my annual income to kindredpacket, a non-profit I founded to offer culturally sensitive wellbeing to the East and Southeast Asian communities in London and beyond. I will also make seasonal, larger sum donations to select grassroots charities.

Giving Back


Moving together

Benefactor contributions towards any of my self-organised events will support the ongoing development of my work in movement and wellness, and keep them accessible to those with limited financial means including Black, Asian or other People of Colour, those living with disability and LGBTQ+ folx as well as the unhomed.

Beyond donations, I am committed to further advocacy work.

Here’s a list of meaningful initiatives I support :

  • besea.n


  • The Space to Come

  • ESEAHub

  • UK Black Pride

  • The Black Nursery Manager

  • Gendered Intelligence

  • Under One Sky

  • Ways of Being Together

  • Bitten Peach Collective

Giving Back

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