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I create content and resources.

David Kam in deep lunge
  • lululemon, co-created service reels in the form of accessible movement practices which boasted over 140k reach and 831 total saves on Instagram in 2022

  • Pride Manchester, pre-recorded an open level yoga flow which became the highest engaged video across the entire festival

  • Pride Anthems, I was one of 30 LGBTQIA+ changemakers offering our perspectives based on a  word each every day of Pride Month on this award-winning podcast

  • Rituals, featured as a wellness expert offering my insights on meditation and inner peace

I create authentic, accessible, relevant and well-researched content to educate and inspire. Usually from the lens of joy and wonder, I focus on resources that can support or resonate with the masses from a distance.

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I speak and facilitate workshops & conversations.

David Kam at TEDx
  • TEDxUniversityofManchester, on Bridging interdisciplinary languages

  • Active Bystander Training, trained over 250 individuals to become confident active bystanders

  • Google, Enacting Change through Active Allyship from an ESEA perspective

  • Bloomberg, The Power Storytelling from a Queer perspective

  • Paramount, Panellist on National Stress Awareness Month

I use words to move people into action. I have delivered speeches and moderated panels in various bespoke formats, from an intimate audience to the thousands. Some recent workshops include:

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I curate programmes and events.

Collages of David Kam
  • Lunar New Year fundraiser, raised £7000 for 13 charities across the world by activating 50 community-led virtual gatherings in 2021

  • ESEA Heritage Month, oversaw 80 events across the UK celebrating ESEA excellence in 2022

  • Raising Us, produced a storytelling project featuring ESEA experiences of parenthood

I make into reality experiences that champion holistic wellbeing, cultural appreciation and transgenerational healing, both online and in person. Some recent events include:

I activate communities and brand campaigns.

Collages of David movinig
  • WeCreateSpace, co-facilitated the organisation’s inaugural retreat for queer leaders

  • lululemon x Roksanda, produced a performance art featuring dancers showcasing the capsule collection in alignment with the campaign message on ‘limitlessness’

  • Yoga for NHS, held weekly online yoga for 800+ NHS members across the UK during the pandemic

  • Soulfest, invited to open Edyn’s wellness experience day, to boost morale and offer inspiration.

I help establish a container infusing an experience with an element of movement and mindfulness. This often helps set the tone of said gathering in line with the intended messaging as well as ensuring a safer space for guests to feel welcomed.  Some recent examples include:

David Kam delivering a corporate workshop

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