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Between feeling & recognising

David silhouette in motion

I found it really refreshing the other day when a dear friend of mine nonchalantly expressed that he was sad.

He said it in such a way that it seemed he did not need to know why he was sad. He just leaned in and allowed himself to feel.

I never realised that was a possibility.

Whenever I feel something, I almost immediately prescribe the cause of my feeling. Maybe I've worked too hard, accomplished too little. It might be that I've not been sleeping well. That weird dish I made for dinner. Or something he said. Perhaps the anxiety about getting back to 'normal' and what that means. No it's most definitely because of the nagging pain in my hips...

The reality is that it might be all of that entangled within a singular feeling we particularly relate to for a brief moment.

Or none of it.

It's almost as if my friend recognised this truth and simply acknowledged his feeling, trusting whatever comes will also pass. This space between feeling and recognising is something I am presently pondering upon, in an attempt to untangle the immediacy of labelling. We are a web of wonder after all, from our ocean of thoughts to our complex and layered physiological self.

trees in winter


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