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What if it turns out okay?

This family portrait means the world to me.

We took this on our last trip to Malaysia.

I laugh at the way Wayne was easily towering over my entire family, and that the photographer took a while trying to figure out where best to place him.

But really, these images will always remind me of how my family has wholeheartedly come to accept him as one of us. It hasn’t been straightforward but this is where we are now.

This invitation is the biggest gift I could have asked for.

An outcome I wouldn’t have even considered possible when I first came out because I was only surrounded by stories of disownment or if any positive ones, stories of Western families and not of a family like mine.

I hope by sharing these images, those of you who need could see that #queerjoy is possible. Or more significantly, that Queer joy can coexist with #ESEAjoy. So we can wonder…

What if it turns out okay?

What if it turns out better than okay?

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