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The Inner Sparkle

I really love this idea of our inner sparkle. The sparkle you quite literally see in your eyes when you 're doing something that you're passionate about, when you're in love or when you simply feel alive.

That is the theme of an upcoming retreat I will be facilitating alongside social justice educators and yoga teachers Jacoby Ballard and Susanna Barkataki. We are holding space for queer or trans identifying individuals to come with us to Kripalu in Massachusetts where we have a weekend of...

  • loving kindness as a practice of fierce protection

  • moving as expression, moving towards freedom

  • play and collective rest

  • exploring and queering asana practice

  • countering cultural appropriation and honoring yoga's roots

This is not something we're pitching, but something we invite you to come and reimagine with us. So join us in this space of care and connection, heart and expression. Please share away with anyone who might resonate with this.

June 9–11, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health


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