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A virtual forest

It's been a labour of love this one. Years in the making, upon deep reflection of how to most truthfully translate my energy, ethos and the spirit of my work online.

After all, I see this website as an extension of my physical self.

The entire process was for sure a gratifying mindful experience as well as a playful exercise in how I identify myself, how I view my work. How I can even to choose to do so.

Here are some of the considerations I've made in creating this virtual home : It's about the Journey from the very beginning

I wanted this space to be an experience of calm and mindfulness in itself before anything else. This is important to me because if anyone were to make a decision to engage with my work or invest in my offerings, I would hope for them to do so from a place of clear mind.

How Accessibility is really facilitating Connection

I personally connect better audiovisually, which is why I shared a video of myself speaking about this website for others to get a clearer sense of who I am as a person beyond words. Other supporting videos and images across the website serve the same purpose, offering more information on the unspoken, intangible aspects of me.

Recognising Power in my words This website definitely contains a lot more writing than the usual website you might expect. It is something I was advised against, but persevered in the hope that my words can leave a trail of depth in thought. I was also very conscious about my language, my choice of words. Making sure I refrain from words that reinforce capitalism and scarcity, instead using words that encourage the idea of circularity and longevity.

It's in the building of Trust

I created this website as if a virtual forest you can wander in and upon every visit, gaining a deeper insight of who I am and what I do. It may be longer-winded and less direct towards selling my offerings, however I'm invested in cultivating long-term trust with those who come by, and the offerings are a welcome bonus.

It's how Boundaries can be set

As much as this website is created to serve those who come across my work, it is also an anchor for myself to remember who I am and a point for me to repeatedly return to as I continue to grow. Doing so has allowed for greater clarity for both parties, ensuring that those who engage do so from the most intentional place.

Including a practice of Gratitude

The one thing I knew I’ve wanted to include from the outset is space to honour the people who’ve been significant catalysts along my journey. Also made sure to share my story, my journey at length for others to understand how I got to where I am now.

To celebrate the launch of my new website...

I'd love to offer 40% off any on demand videos over the bank holiday weekend. Simply enter FIRSTVISIT upon checkout. Valid until 29 May. Check out my on demand videos here.

Drop by this virtual forest and let me know how it works for you across different devices. Feedback very welcome.

Gratitude to Outpost Studio for bringing this vision to life, Des Iles Photography for providing most of the beautiful imagery and my wonderful brother who designed my logo.


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