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Gratitude in Your Words

If you have been joining me in class virtually, you'd know that a part of the signup process involves a simple question...

What are you grateful for?

Over the months of reading your shares, I've witnessed how gratitude comes... the simple things.

Feeling open hearted. The variety of choices available to me. Not being afraid. Early morning training. Live music. Real live music. That my foot healed after 3 weeks of not doing any sport. That it's Sunday! You have no idea how happy I am to get all my paperwork in order. For my strength. Wallace and Gromit. Croissants with my coffee. The wonderful things right here around me : my family, crap tv, soft blanket, full belly... Chain grease for my bike. To have a large enough space for yoga and dancing in quarantine. Hot chocolate that my flatmate made. A day for rest and space. Coffee served in bed. A hammer. An old chair leg and 300 allium bulbs. Peaceful moments in nature. That I don't have any plans! Manulife dark roast peanut butter on cholla bread. the beauty of connection.

Waking up snuggled next to the one I love. Finally making time for your class. Coffee, cats, my mum. Delivery services in the UK. My breath, your wisdom and life. The smile of people I get to help somehow. My lovely, amazing friends. Jokes with my little sister. Time with my family. Sharing this class for the first time with my sister. The glow of showcasing others. Marie Kondo. Biden's win. Long chats with friends. Time for myself. My home. Love and support from the people that matter. Affordable international shipping. The power you give me. Being here to share this practice with you. Thank you for your beautiful NHS yoga sessions! A return to giving. Being a part of joy. seasonal changes.

Sunshine on my back. Blue skies. The start of a new season. Rain, cold, leaves. Autumn rituals. Trees in autumn. A clear morning sky and trees from my window. Woodlands and fresh air. The sun is back after very dark days. Gloves. The snow and my hometown in the mountains with my friends.


Reaping the benefits of making bold decisions. Ripple effects. Opening doors and starting new conversations. The start of new learning opportunities. Onwards. To be alive. An opportunity to reset. Freedom found in focus. For having space to inquire about myself. Ideas. Possibility. Projects. Widening the spotlight.

There's no question this year has been an unforgettable one, for better or worse. Let us celebrate our power of gratitude.

The way we always manage to find wins whatever life throws us. The same way our ancestors share with us stories of joy over periods of war and hardship.




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