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Unless All Are Free, None Are Free

...and we've done it!

I spent this past week finalising our donation tally from the @KindRedPacket fundraiser and am so delighted to share that we have raised £6500 over the past fortnight! This means £500 each to 13 charities doing great work in supporting the unhomed, the elderly and especially the East/Southeast Asian (ESEA) communities currently navigating #StopAsianHate across the world. So thank you for the support. The amount we've raised may not be hugely significant, but one that symbolises the first step in redirecting our attention towards those truly in need of support and towards actively bridging the privilege gap widened over the global pandemic. Over the years, I keep getting asked by others... "How do I advance my yoga practice?" Well, I believe this is precisely where we go next. This kampaign is by no means a separate venture of mine, but a natural progression of practice when recognising the fact that "unless all are free, NONE are free". Where I go is always an open invitation for you to either come along or bravely consider a route of your own informed by the work we do in practice. So here's a question I hope we all ask...

If I am well and free, who within my community is not?


  1. Unless all are free, NONE are free. The incredible @radicaldarshan collective on the practice of Yoga. (Transforming Teaching into Action)

  2. Love our people like you love our food. Powerful image from 'End the violence towards Asians' protest & march. (@meldcole)

  3. #StopAsianHate resources. What's happening and how to help. (@britishchinesebiz)

  4. All Because of You. A short minimalistic animation addressing the surge of anti-Asian racism and the drastic effect it has on the Asian community. (@dearasianyouthlondon)

  5. If I had all this money, I'd be nice too. Award-winning Korean film capturing the harsh reality of privilege gaps. (Parasite)

  6. I See You I See Me. Free self-empowerment workshop for the LGBTQ+ community. (WeCreateSpace)

  7. Reach out...when you want to. Tips on Mental Health & Lockdown by 16 experts including myself. (@deja_life)

I hope that the signs of spring we witness become an impetus for us to no longer settle with solidarity, and instead spring into solutions by moving, deeply beyond our physical bodies.

That is all from me today.

Thank you always for your presence, trust and support.

I appreciate you.

Always a message away,



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